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C. M. Haughey Solicitors, based near Christchurch in Dublin 8 deals exclusively with Personal Injury, Medical Negligence and Employment Law Claims. The firm’s Principal Caoimhe Haughey qualified as a Solicitor in 1994. She practices in Dublin and is also admitted as a Solicitor in England and Wales. Throughout her career Caoimhe has successfully represented many thousands of clients from all over the Country seeking….. Read More…

Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury is the legal term used to describe and injury to the body, mind or emotions which has been….Read More…

  • Employment Law

    Employment Law is derived from a number of sources, our Constitution, Legislation, Case Law and EU Law. Usually the contract of employment is at the heart of the employee / employer relationship. Contracts of employment can be oral as well as written. The types of disputes which are most common in this area are……Read More…

  • Medical Negligence

    In general Medical Negligence is the failure of a Doctor, Consultant or any other medical personnel to meet certain standards of care relating to the medical profession. These standards are commonly based on what a reasonable doctor with the requisite knowledge and skills would or would not do. In other words it is the medical professional’s failure to exercise reasonable medical judgment in a particular case.Read More…

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